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In the day-to-day grind of a fast-paced, consumer-driven lifestyle, we can easily lose sight of the bigger picture. We can become disconnected from our own lives and miss out on experiencing a more fulfilling and rewarding reality. 

Lulled to sleep by routines, repetitive thoughts, and predictable emotions, we can feel confined... as though we are sleepwalking. Even though we may attain professional and financial success, we are left asking “is this it?”

Our programs employ an engaging multimedia, multi-modal approach to help you shift perspective and experience your daily life - even your routines - from a fresh and engaging perspective. You will experience the "more" you seek: more joy, more connection, more meaning.

Our curriculum applies a range of academic research, insights from wisdom traditions, mental imagery practices, and somatic exercises to activate your awakened brain. Or rather, to re-activate it. 

You were born with it.  

As Buddhists, yogis, and shamans have been telling us for centuries, activating our awakened brain is the key to relieving suffering, often expressed as anxiety, depression, or addiction.

It is not surprising there has been a cultural shift toward the therapeutic use of hallucinogens. 

They provide a shortcut to tapping into awakened awareness, however briefly. But re-activation of that awareness then requires more hallucinogens. 

There are more effective, safer, and longer lasting methods, and and they enable you to access the awakened brain on command.

However, most Americans do not have access to these teachings and practices. Even those with access are too busy for the training required.

Because indigenous healing practices are situated within particular cultures, languages, and intended for particular people, developing the expertise required can make these practices prohibitive

As a scholar of Buddhism and shamanism, I have spent years living in India and Nepal, learning techniques to access "awakened" awareness firsthand. 

Based on twenty years of training - indigenous and academic - and decades of practice, I have devoted my life to translating these techniques into a format that works for busy Americans, within the context of American culture. 

The skills you will acquire extend far beyond the rudimentary techniques of mindfulness and postural yoga. 

By strategically engaging body, speech, and mind, our practices work synergistically to expand the limited neural networks that can leave us feeling trapped, anxious, and unfulfilled.

The effects of engaging our methods are mechanistic, meaning that if you do the work, you will experience the results. 

But you must do the work. To state otherwise would be disingenuous. 

Yet, the work is fun. More importantly, at least from my perspective, it is mind-blowingly interesting. And, the immediate impact will encourage you to engage more. What is the immediate impact? 

Previous mental limitations, self-doubt, and feelings of deficiency are replaced by confidence, success, deeper relationships, and a new sense of purpose.

By changing our mind and its world in this manner, we transcend the  matrix of American consumerism. 

We enter a mode of being that is more rewarding and meaningful than our current self-understanding allows. 

This is the way of the new gods.

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